Hunter Grinders manufacture the Juno, Jupiter, Orion and Amazon cylinder mower and sharpening machines.
Our products and services have always been about delivering quality and performance and we will not compromise. That means quality products, quality performance, quality results and quality service. Our priority is to ensure that your grass cutting units will be sharpened to the highest degree of accuracy, will stay sharper longer than any other grinding method (even with regular top dressing) and cut your grass cleaner, to encourage healthy growth in the future. 

We have established a company that prides itself on meeting all of the above targets. We could alter our grinder specification to operate faster saving you minutes in the workshop. But at what price? Increase speed of operation is achieved by spin grinding only which we offer as an option anyway. But this alone cannot deliver the accuracy and long term benefits of relief grinding. Purely spin grinding will always result in your units needing to be re-ground four times sooner than when relief ground.
Because a job takes a little longer does not mean it is more difficult. This is a very important point, because it reflects the ethos of our company. We aim to provide the best. However, we do offer you the choice. Spin grind only with a Hunter Grinder for speed and ease, or invest a little more time to relief grind for accuracy and to keep your units out on the course doing their job for much longer. Both methods are available from Hunter Grinders in one machine and even fully automatic if you so wish.

There are organisations, not just golf clubs (although to our credit eight of the nine Open Championship courses own a Hunter Grinder), but local authorities, dealers, sports facility managers, landscaping and turf producers all over the UK and Europe that have invested in a Hunter Grinder. They like you, recognise that the pursuit of perfection is a philosophy that requires an open mind not an open wallet.

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