Amazon Series 5 bottom blade grinders
Hunter Grinders manufacture the Juno, Jupiter, Orion and Amazon cylinder mower and sharpening machines.
Designed to save time without compromising performance, engineered to deliver fast, accurate sharpening with a guaranteed quality finish.

( 1 ) Fully automatic infeed, downfeed and traverse leaves the operator free to tackle other work

( 2 ) Both faces of blade are ground simultaneously.

( 3 ) Fully enclosed cabinet significantly reduces noise levels in the workshop and eliminates the risk from sparks and dust.

( 4 ) Spanner free, easy to control system, for simple straightforward operation.

( 5 ) Unique to Hunters machines the coolant minimises airbourne dust and eliminates heat build up.

( 6 ) Cast Iron bed gives strength, combined with precision engineering for accurate relief grinding Linear bed rails also improves accuracy.

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1067mm (42”) bottom blade capacityCan accommodate the largest know bottom blade for grinding on both top & front faces.
914mm (36)” bottom blade capacity using both grinding heads Bottom blade returned to original manufacturers specification.
Automatic in feed on both grinding headsNo change of setting when one face is done
Automatic simultaneous grinding of both front & top face. Save setting times and allows operator to perform other essential tasks.
In built front face angle finder & mobile top face angle finder. Ensures bottom blades are returned to manufacturers relief angles.
Two speed traverse.Allows slow passes of grinding wheel for polished finish.
Cast bed constructionReduces vibration and increases accuracy
Liquid coolant on all operationsReduces air borne dust therefore no need for extractor fans. Stops heat build up and distortion
240 volt power supplyCan be readily plugged into normal 13-amp power supply.
Linear bed rails with self-adjusting bearings. Accurate & smooth traverse of the grinding wheel carriage to within 0.05 mm or 2 Thou. over the width of the machine. Low maintenance requirement.
Work lightsGives the operator the best possible view of the work area.
Enclosed acrylic cabinet.Reduces noise and contains any splash from coolant.
2 emergency stop buttons.One on the control panel and one at knee height at the opposite end to disable the machine should the need occur.
Full installation & training.Ensures operators are fully conversant with all grinding aspects connected with the machine and will be provided with a certificate of competence.

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