Hunter Grinders manufacture the Juno, Jupiter, Orion and Amazon cylinder mower and sharpening machines.
Jupiter ATI Series 5 mower grinders
Hunter Grinders manufacture the Juno, Jupiter, Orion and Amazon cylinder mower and sharpening machines.
A fully automatic relief and spin grinder. With automatic traverse, indexing and in feed.

( 1 ) Grind everything from gang mowers to pedestrian units, in and out of situ.

( 2 ) Coolant fitted as standard prevents heat distortion and minimises airbourne dust.

( 3 ) Automatic infeed, traverse and indexing when spin and relief grinding. Multi-position spin drive unit will accommodate any cylinder or cutting unit.

( 4 ) Quick change mounting brackets ensure a fast, easy transfer, from cylinder to bottom blade grinding.

( 5 ) Computer control unit for totally automatic indexed relief and spin grinding.

( 6 ) Computerised spin motor for spin grinding and indexing relief grinding.

( 7 ) Cast iron bed and precision engineering gives unrivalled strength, accuracy and long life.

( 8 ) Universal grinding head for relief and spin grinding cylinders and sharpening both top and front face of the bottom blade. Linear bed rails also improves accuracy.

( 9 ) 360 degree fully tested 200kg hoist doubles as an additional lifting facility in the workshop .

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1067mm (42)” cylinder & bottom blade capacity

Can accommodate all makes & sizes of cylinders and out of situ including pedestrian mowers.
Fully programmable, fully automatic cylinder relief grinding with automatic traverse, indexing and in feed to manufacturers recommended relief angles. This is a benefit as a result of the previous feature, which allows the operator to carry on with other work. Allows the operator to program the machine and then carry out other work. By relief grinding the cylinder can be returned to the original manufactures specification.  Relief ground units maintain their sharpness far longer than spin ground only units. This is as a result of relief grinding and not a direct result of programming the machine.
Grinds both top & front faces of the bottom bladeBottom blade returned to original manufacturers specification.
Takes data measurements from cylinder shaft.Eliminates cylinder coning especially important on cutting units with fixed cylinders and rear rollers.
Cast bed constructionReduces vibration and increases accuracy
Liquid coolant on all operationsReduces air borne dust therefore no need for extractor fans. Stops heat build up and distortion.
240 volt power supplyCan be readily plugged into normal 13-amp power supply.
Linear bed rails with self-adjusting bearings. Accurate & smooth traverse of the grinding wheel carriage to within 0.05 mm over the width of the machine. Low maintenance requirement
Slow/Soft start spin grinding motor.Avoids shock starts and cutting unit dislodging.
Flexi drive to cutting cylinder.Less vibration and allows for any misalignment in setting up.
Bearing pack Contains 6 pairs of bearings and holders for out of situ cylinder grinding.
Universal bracket packAllows all types of cutting unit to be mounted without the need to dismantle.
Hands free indexing attachment.Allows the cutting cylinder to be accurately turned to each blade for relief grinding without the operators hands coming into contact with the cylinder.
Twin halogen work lightsGives the operator the best possible view of the work area.
360 degree 200kg hoistThe operator can easily load and unload the heaviest cutting units into the machine safely and with utmost ease. The hoist can also be used for other lifting work apart from when using the grinder with the strategic placement of workbenches.
Fully enclosed guard Stops anyone from interfering with the machine while in automatic spin mode.
Variable speed spin motorAllows the operator to choose the least amount of metal to be removed from each cylinder depending on its condition.
Automatic docking of the wheel head 
Cycle countdownAllows the operator to accurately know where the machine is in the grinding cycle.
Fully programmable for relief and spin grinding.Allows the operator to choose the best program of cycles for each cylinder and its condition.
3” wheel head attachment Allows ‘In-situ’ relief grinding of small multi blades cylinders.
Rotary blade attachmentEnables easy, accurate grinding of rotary blades.
Only one machine required for relief & spin grinding cylinders and for bottom blades.Saves on workshop floor space and the need to transfer cylinders from one machine to another for relief and spin grinding.
One grinding wheel for all operationsSaves time by not having the need to change grinding wheels for relief and spin modes.
2 emergency stop buttons.One on the control panel and one at knee height at the opposite end to disable the machine should the need occur.
Full installation & training. Ensures operators are fully conversant with all grinding aspects connected with the machine and are provided with a certificate of competence.

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