Hunter Grinders manufacture the Juno, Jupiter, Orion and Amazon cylinder mower and sharpening machines.
Jupiter ATI Series 5 mower grinders

Reasons For Owning

  • Precision grinding is all about achieving the best possible result and the Jupiter Series 5 ATI is precision grinding at its best – automatically.

  • With one machine you can spin and relief grind returning cylinders and bottom blades back to the original manufacturer’s specification and you can’t get better than that.

  • As an automatic grinder it can be set to operate independently, allowing other tasks in the workshop to be carried out simultaneously.

  • The cast bed provides the stability required for  accurate grinding and the linear bed rails ensure accurate and smooth traverse of the grinding wheel to within 0.05mm or 2 Thou. over the width of the machine.

  • Operator comfort and safety is maintained with a liquid coolant to prevent airborne dust and also avoids heat distortion affecting the performance of the grinder.

  • 360 deg electric 200kg hoist is an additional versatile tool which can be used for other heavy lifting work in the workshop

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