Hunter Grinders manufacture the Juno, Jupiter, Orion and Amazon cylinder mower and sharpening machines.
Orion Series 5 mower bottom blade grinder


 Orion with coolantOrion without coolant
Length 1500mm (59") 1500mm (59")
Depth810mm (32") 510mm (20")
Height 142mm (56") 142mm (56")
Weight 338kg (743lbs) 265kg (583lbs)

Electrical Components
Switches mounted within easy access incorporating, wheelhead, traverse, coolant and master stop.
Each contactor combines water proof safety covers, overload relays and no-volt release protection.
All remote control switchgear are operated by low voltage control circuits.

Electricity Supply
Standard 240v power supply.

Grinding Wheel
200mm (8") diameter x 25mm (1") width special reverse taper grinding wheel. Mounted on a large steel adaptor direct to the shaft of a 0.55Kw (2/3 H.P.) motor.

Machine Bed
A one-piece casting with linear bedrails and ALL surfaces precision machined for strength and durability. Unlike fabricated grinders, the Orion absorbs shock, noise and vibration to give exceptional accuracy.

Safety Features
Safety friction clutch fitted to traverse, allows traverse to slip in the event of adverse load or grinding conditions.
Two emergency stop buttons.
Coolant on bottom blade for minimising airborne dust.

Manual traverse version available.

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