Bottom Blade Grinder


    Amazon Series 5 bottom blade grinders.

    Designed to save time without compromising performance, engineered to deliver fast, accurate sharpening with a guaranteed quality finish. All of our grinders are CE compliant meeting Health and Safety requirements for noise, vibration and airborne dust particles.

    The all new Amazon boasts two powerful motors which drive the twin wheelheads, both fitted with cup stones to allow the removal of metal quickly and efficiently.

    The new dual speed traverse motor provides fast traversing for the speedy removal of material from the bottom blade. At the press of a button, the traverse will slow down gently to a polishing speed without disrupting the operation in progress. This will also reduce machining time.

    A fixed inclinometer provides quick and easy setting of the front face motor to the correct cutting angle, whilst a portable magnetic inclinometer ensures quick and easy setting of the top face angle of the blade.

    The tailstocks provide positive and quick adjustment in both planes for ease of horizontal and vertical alignment. Both in-feed and down-feed are automatic, for ease of operation and time saving for the operator. The new Amazon is easily operated from an accessible, simple to use push-button control station. The all new electrical installation includes safe single phase control and two carefully positioned Emergency Stops to maximise operator safety. The Amazon is fully enclosed in a transparent chemical proof acrylic canopy for added safety and sound reduction.

    • 1067mm (42”) bottom blade capacity
    • 914mm (36)” bottom blade capacity using both grinding heads
    • Automatic in feed on both grinding heads
    • Automatic simultaneous grinding of both front & top face
    • In built front face angle finder & mobile top face angle finder
    • Two speed traverse
    • Cast bed construction
    • Liquid coolant on all operations
    • 240 volt power supply
    • Linear bed rails with self-adjusting bearings
    • Work lights
    • Enclosed acrylic cabinet
    • 2 emergency stop buttons
    • Full installation & training
    • Both faces of blade ground simultaneously
    • Fully automatic infeed and traverse
    • Coolant minimises airborne dust and eliminates heat distortion
    • Fully enclosed cabinet for safety


    Amazon Series 5

    • Specification

      2030mm (80")


      1000mm (39.5")

      Height (canopy open)

      2000mm (79")

      Height (canopy closed)

      1500mm (59")


      735kg (1620 lbs)