All in One Grinder

Jupiter ATI

    Jupiter ATI Series 5 'All in One' Grinder

    The Ultimate ‘All in One’ machine. A fully automatic relief and spin grinder. With automatic traverse, indexing and in feed. All of our grinders are CE compliant and meet Health and Safety requirements for noise, vibration and airborne dust particles. A fully automatic relief and spin grinder. With automatic traverse, indexing and in feed

    Precision grinding is all about achieving the best possible result and the Jupiter Series 5 ATI is precision grinding at its best – automatically. With one machine you can spin and relief grind returning cylinders and bottom blades back to the original manufacturer’s specification and you can’t get better than that.

    As an automatic grinder it can be set to operate independently, allowing other tasks in the workshop to be carried out simultaneously. The cast bed provides the stability required for accurate grinding and the linear bed rails ensure accurate and smooth traverse of the grinding wheel to within 0.05mm or 2 Thou. over the width of the machine.

    Operator comfort and safety is maintained with a liquid coolant to prevent airborne dust and also avoids heat distortion affecting the performance of the grinder. 360 deg electric 200kg hoist is an additional versatile tool which can be used for other heavy lifting work in the workshop.

    • 1067mm (42)” cylinder & bottom blade capacity
    • Fully programmable, fully automatic cylinder relief grinding with automatic traverse, indexing and in feed to manufacturers recommended relief angles. This is a benefit as a result of the previous feature, which allows the operator to carry on with other work.
    • Grinds both top & front faces of the bottom blade
    • Takes data measurements from cylinder shaft
    • Cast bed construction
    • Liquid coolant on all operations
    • 240 volt power supply
    • Linear bed rails with self-adjusting bearings
    • Slow/Soft start spin grinding motor
    • Flexi drive to cutting cylinder
    • Bearing pack
    • Universal bracket pack
    • Hands free indexing attachment
    • Twin halogen work lights
    • Fully enclosed guard
    • Variable speed spin motor
    • Automatic docking of the wheel head
    • Cycle countdown
    • Fully programmable for relief and spin grinding
    • 3” wheel head attachment
    • Rotary blade attachment
    • Only one machine required for relief & spin grinding cylinders and for bottom blades
    • One grinding wheel for all operations
    • 2 emergency stop buttons
    • Full installation & training


    Jupiter ATI

    • SpecificationStandard Jupiter'In-situ’ Jupiter ATI including hoist and gantry

      1930mm (76")

      2270mm (89.5")


      1372mm (54")

      1473mm (58")


      1740mm (68.5")

      2300mm (90.5")


      735kg (1620 lbs)

      856kg (1888 lbs)

    Jupiter ATI


    • We replaced our old grinder with the Jupiter ATI three years ago. The Jupiter gives us both options of relief and spin grinding and produces a superb finish. The grinder is quick, powerful and easy to use.

      Steven Clarke

      Groundsman & Fitter – Newcastle United FC