Juno mower grinder for cylinder and bottom blade relief grinding.

    Relief grinds with extreme accuracy and will return all cylinders and bottom blades to original manufacturers’ specifications. All of our grinders are CE compliant and meet Health and Safety requirements for noise, vibration and airborne dust particles.
    Relief grinds with extreme accuracy and will return all cylinders and bottom blades to original manufacturers' specifications.

    If you looking for flexibility, want to save time, money and space in the workshop, then the Juno Series 5 gives you all this and more. The Juno relief grinder gives you the flexibility to sharpen your units as and when you need to and ensures your blades will stay sharper longer. Relief grinding gives accuracy second to none.

    You can grind cylinders and bottom blades up to 36” in and out of situ returning them to manufacturers specification every time. Having your own grinder gives you the ability to control your grinding programme to suit your own requirements. 360 deg electric 200kg hoist is an additional versatile tool which can be used for other heavy lifting work in the workshop.

    • 914mm (36”) cylinder & bottom blade capacity
    • Manual full relief cylinder grinding
    • Grinds both top & front faces of the bottom blade
    • Takes data measurements from cylinder shaft and rear roller
    • Cast bed construction
    • Liquid coolant on all operations
    • 240 volt power supply
    • Flexi drive to cutting cylinder
    • Bearing pack
    • Universal bracket pack
    • Hands free indexing attachment
    • Twin halogen work lights
    • 360 degree 200kg hoist
    • 3” wheel head attachment
    • Rotary blade attachment
    • Only one machine required for relief grinding cylinders and grinding both surfaces of bottom blades
    • One grinding wheel for all operations
    • 2 emergency stop buttons
    • Full installation & training
    • Grind everything from gang mowers to pedestrian mowers in and out of situ
    • Universal grinding head for relief grinding cylinders and sharpening bottom blades
    • Coolant prevents heat distortion and minimises airborne dust



    • SpecificationIn Situ Juno including hoistStandard Juno

      2040mm (80")

      1800mm (71")


      1190mm (47")

      1010mm (40")


      2300mm (50.5")

      1520mm (60")


      485kg (1089 lbs)

      369kg (890 lbs)