Hunter Grinders History

  • Today

    Innovation, Support and Services

    Our passion lies with innovation, we are investing heavily in bringing Hunter Grinders back to the forefront of the precision grinder market. This combined with our world-class customer service and drive to offer more services from Hunter grinders such as training, manufacturer servicing and tournament support, Hunter Grinders are back! Keeping blades sharper for longer.

  • 2022

    Howardson Group ltd

    In 2022, Howardson Group ltd acquired the Hunter Grinders brand and combined with its excellent reputation for engineering and support, Hunter Grinders is now given a solid foundation from which to support the industry again.

  • 2014

    Jupiter ATI

    With the introduction of the Jupiter ATI in 2014, Hunter Grinders could offer a fully automatic relief and spin grinder. This quickly outsold its predecessor, the Jupiter 2000 and has become a leading product in relief grinding.

  • 2009?

    Lloyds of Letchworth

    After solid performance in the grinding market, Lloyds of Letchworth acquire Hunter Grinders to offer additional products and services to their mowers and groundscare equipment.

  • 2005

    Series 5

    The SERIES 5 range built on previous Hunter Grinder machines consisting of the Jupiter Series 5, Jupiter ATI Series 5, Juno Series 5, Amazon Series 5 and the Orion Series 5. All of these machines now incorporate as standard a number of features which are aimed not only at ensuring the best possible performance, but are also address any Industry health and safety issues that have arisen in recent years.

  • 1984

    Hunter Grinders

    Founded in 1984, Hunter Grinders built up a reputation for supplying the strongest, most accurate, precision grinders in the world.