Friday 15 December 2023

Hunter Grinders at BTME 2024

Hunter Grinders, a leading name in precision grinding technology, is set to showcase their impressive products at the upcoming BTME 2024 event, taking place from January 23 to 25 at the Harrogate Convention Centre. Visit them on their new location at Stand 216 in hall 2.

Founded on a commitment to excellence, Hunter Grinders specialises in designing and manufacturing top-tier grinders that meet the highest industry standards. Their dedication to precision is evident in the Jupiter ATI 'All in One' Grinder, an automatic relief and spin grinder that sets the benchmark for achieving optimal results. With features such as ‘in-situ’ grinding, automatic traverse, indexing, and in-feed, the Jupiter ATI ensures cylinders and bottom blades are restored to the original manufacturer’s specifications. The machine's stability, accurate grinding, and operator comfort underline its position as the ultimate 'All in One' grinder in the industry.

Hunter Grinders will also present the Amazon bottom blade grinder, engineered to save time without compromising performance. Boasting two powerful motors and dual speed traverse motors, the Amazon offers fast, accurate sharpening with a guaranteed quality finish. With automatic in-feed and down-feed, along with a user-friendly push-button control station, this grinder is designed for efficiency and operator safety.

Both the Jupiter and Amazon models are built with a cast iron bed giving great stability and ensuring an impressive parallel grinder.

Throughout the event, experienced and knowledgeable staff from Hunter Grinders will be available at Stand 216 to provide valuable insights and advice on precision grinding.